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Transforming Workplaces Through Disability Inclusive Hiring

The Ontario Corporate Training Centre (OCTC) is a province-wide initiative empowering businesses to embrace disability inclusive hiring, fostering diverse and thriving workplaces.

With our research-informed training, customized solutions, and local ongoing support, Ontario businesses will gain a competitive edge in talent, workplace culture, and innovation.


87% of businesses that hire people who have a disability do so because it aligns with their business goals. Source: 2017 Employer Survey. Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work.
Consumer spending by Canadians who have a disability is expected to rise to 21% from 14% of the total market by 2030.

OCTC is not just a project; it is a collaboration. We will bring together businesses and Employment Service Providers (ESPs) to educate, create lasting connections and increase job opportunities for people who have a disability.

We provide sector-specific support, training, and resources to ensure inclusive hiring strategies are successful and sustainable in your community.

We Want Your Input!

This survey will take approximately 7-10 minutes to complete.  You will be asked questions about your experiences with recruiting, hiring, onboarding and retaining workers who have a disability as well as disability specific supports for businesses.

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